Forever Thankful

Without a doubt one of the most important days in a family’s life is finding their dream house. Searching/finding for this home is near impossible. You want a Ranch but it’s not long enough. You want a Colonial but the back yard is too small. You want a pool but the house is not in your price range. All a clients wants/factors that go into a dream home is an extremely tough pill for a real estate agent to swallow.

Jeff Sardis, defied all of this. Jeff took on our search with such pride and love, like this home was going to be his dream house. Each and every time we saw a home, he’d ask each my wife and I, “Give me a scale of 1-10.” I initially thought this was a standard question from a real estate agent. But, as the questions continued to pour out, my wife and I knew Jeff was determined to find “the one” for us.

Mission accomplished! Jeff made it happen! My daughter, wife and I are beyond excited to enjoy our new life together in a home that had everything we ever wanted and more. Jeff, thank you and we are forever thankful.

— Michael F.